Last Monday, I had a long conversation with one of my friends. She has this tendency to make me colonize everything I convey. The topic of our conversation was self-awareness and the importance attached to it. We were talking about how self-awareness can broadcast itself to every aspect of our personal and social life.

I think there is another layer between our personal and social life which is connected to both: our imagination. It’s such an underestimated facet of our lives because of its fancy nature. I think we would be able to know everyone much better if we could somehow dig up their imaginations (if they got one that is).

It is in our imaginations where we deliberate what we would like to have/do beyond our daily needs and wants. It’d be nice to know if we would ever think about anything that doesn’t immediately benefit us. That way we would know how self-aware, selfless, or selfish we are.

By searching thru our imaginations … we would know how far out we dream. We would know what "love" means to us beyond our emotional and physical needs, and more importantly beyond our fears. We would know if the outer calm is the reflection of inner peace. We would know if we are passionate or passive, growing or grown, fulfilled or foiled.

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