What is stability as it relates to us? How do we measure it? Who is stable? Does it have something to do with one’s state of mind or status? I didn’t like someone yesterday, I reexamined my reasons and the facts today, and I might like that person tomorrow. Does that make me emotionally or philosophically unstable? On a broader scope, is it wrong to examine things you believed in your entire life – specially as in one’s case if they were shoved into one’s head when s/he was three? Does the capacity of critical thinking make you an unstable person?

I happen to believe that critical thinkers have less conceit – and that doesn’t mean their actions are completely blemish free.

Obvious aspects of stability in today’s society are perceived to be style, physical appearance, and financial strength. But the most important aspects of stability (which frankly not many people have) are: state of mind, confidence, listening attitude, and introspection.

Just because some people are doing all the talking doesn’t mean they are the most stable. And remember: if someone "seems" to be stable today doesn’t mean they will be so forever, or tomorrow for that matter.

Human-beings are extremely social, insecure, and susceptible. Unfortunately, this could lead many of us to attach importance on other people’s opinions. So it becomes easy to go from super-stable to flat-out unstable. In my view, reasonable volatility blended with introspection is not a negative trait.

The secret to survival is to question and critic yourself -but- not give damn when others question you!

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