Fashion Faux Pas


Last Saturday I was home with one of my friends waiting to go to my birthday dinner. At the same time we were watching people who were walking up and down the street. For one moment, we thought why some people have no or a very wrong sense of fashion – which at core is a function of many variables such as gender, age, physical features, and so on.

I thought to write down some fashion faux pas as I see them. Just some friendly fashion guidance for men and women:


  • – Women: No baseball cap please! It’s so 80s on the muscle beach. It’s even more disgusting when some women stick out their ponytail from the hole in back of the cap
  • – Men: No man over 30 should carry a backpack. Find something better to deal with your mid-age crisis
  • – Women: No muffin tops. Ok? Use a skirt rather, it makes you look much classier
  • – Men: no backward baseball cap over 30. Putting a baseball cap backward doesn’t make you look cool
  • – Women: No white flip-flops. They get dirty and look gross
  • – Men: no sweat pants with elastic around the bottom. It makes you look like you’re constantly farting
  • – Women: No nervous eating on a first date. It makes you look like a pig. Not sexy!
  • – Men: Wearing a ring on the pinky finger is shabby. Generally, not too much jewelry on men.
  • – Women: No charms on your thong underwear. It’s even worse when it sticks out of your pants
  • – Men: No slim fit t-shirt when you have a belly.
  • – Women: no burping in public. If you burp after a beer or two, try to drink wine the next time you go out
  • – Men: No skullet! It makes you look freaky specially when you wear a wife-beater.

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