Il Postino

Complexity kills! Except for, rejuvenating complexities of an artistic expression.

An article requires balanced choice of words, smooth flow, and relevance of sentences. A smart piece of writing includes internal references and an element of surprise – where the main message isn’t lost in all the innovative features. A perfect script is an awfully multifaceted and complex piece of art.

Visual arts go down as a sea of complexities all by their own merits. Involvement of three dimensional (and in some cases moving) objects, light patterns reflected from those objects, and creativity drawn in representation by means of lines and colors, are only a few aspects of a dreadfully convoluted process called visual arts.

Music is ultimately an expression of the feelings and inner-thoughts that can’t be verbally expressed. The process of composing music requires an initial structure, position of highs and lows, tempo, rhythm, and melody. All all of the above should be organized in time and on top of sonic qualities of texture and reverberation.

Combining script writing, visual arts, and music formulates cinema. Set aside, shooting, editing, and theatrical aptitude. It is by all means a complex process. The History of a Sign (original name: Historia de Un Letrero) is a six minutes short film presented in Cannes Film Festival. Every time you watch this short movie, there is something new to discover. The music (by Ennio Morricone), the message, focus on shoes, the beggar, and the flow of the story are all there to convey a message. It may move you to tears in the end, but the main story hides deep in the references of the film to Il Postino. Enjoy!


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