Relatively Speaking

I have been blogging since January 14, 2006 which is about a month short of three years. My first few postings were about technology trends, but characteristically the tone of the blog changed to my long-standing favorite subjects: people, disorder, and inconvenient situations where almost everyone shows what s/he is made of.

I first chose the title of the blog as “Dichotomy: where I vent and rant when I’m red, blue, or even purple” which was reminiscent of my mindset that includes different opposing inclinations. Throughout, I’ve found frustration and irritation (red), sadness and sorrow (blue), or leniency and moderation (purple = red + blue) equally motivating for my writings. On the other hand, the occasional comments and feedback have been [and hopefully will continue to be] an invaluable part of the effort. I read and listened to them carefully. More than anything, some of the pointers proved and reconfirmed how relative these subjects could be. A dialogue that is a calm conversation for one, could also be an apoplectic fit for another.

Today, I’m changing the title of the blog to “Relatively Speaking”. I have been doing my best to listen and learn. I’ve been trying to be opinionated but not prescriptive. I have never stated anything like “right or wrong, this is my opinion” -because I think that’s intellectually insecure, but I will never use phrases like “in my humble opinion” either –because if it is an opinion it can hardly be humble.

I’m now almost three years older than when I started blogging. I felt those years should have counted for something. Going forward, if I’m going to be a cavalier, it will have to be on my own dime.

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