Thirteen Percent

Anyone who writes or somehow expresses opinion, is also silently in search of affirmation of his audience. I just seek affirmation of a chosen few. After my last posting, I received a note from a dear friend who merely pointed out the statement that included the word “judgment”. Her note really made me move around the statement because I value her ideas. I asked myself whether I was judgmental for casting an opinion on false-intimacy …

… human mind is naturally dynamic. I don’t know about others, but my mind goes places and joyfully gets engaged in the act of forming views. My mind forms these notions sometimes instinctively, and sometimes logically, but never ideologically. My mind doesn’t even get close to be compliant with an unchanging principle, or a predetermined standard – because that’d be conformity which I passionately dislike. The baselines based on which I form opinions have evolved to be vastly overlapping and intersecting. For instance, I used to believe that a good thirteen percent of people are assholes, but over years I learned that every single person could be an asshole thirteen percent of the time. Such realization made it easier for me to let go of cheap complaints.

I agree that “Judgment” carries negative connotations which are basically initiated by religious beliefs, but at the same token, religions encourage their followers to make snap judgments about people and situations -as a critical act to wellbeing and survival. I believe “judgment” becomes negative when we start attaching our opinions to individuals. The other form of “judgment” shapes up when we assume that we were correct, and not being open to evidence otherwise — should circumstances change. Those are among the main reasons as to why I never discuss individuals here. I discuss issues. I don’t care if people wear their baseball hat backwards but I discuss inappropriate actions that (I believe) coarsen or erode the quality of life. I discuss the sin, not the sinner.

I’ve come to believe that shrugging my shoulders when something disturbed me was a passive way of not having an opinion. I believe every single person has at least one characteristic we can adore. Here, I just happen to discuss that entertaining thirteen percent that everyone (including me) seems to have. That being said, I can’t help myself not thinking whether this blog is my way of being an asshole thirteen percent of the time.

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