Beautifully Boring

Some of the most interesting people are the ones who seem to know everything, despite the fact that; they appear to know information they had no participation in producing. Bunk information entertains if nothing else.

My memory is as good as a Kim Kardashian’s acting. But there are phrases I never forget. They’re the true meaning of random crap. I heard or read them in situations when my brain had a short-lived spark for saving garbage data. Here are some of those:

  • When you know nothing, you think you could do anything
  • Art is competitive
  • In all the movie lines, “You can’t handle the truth!” tops it all
  • Happiness is sporadic
  • In a PG-13 movie, one “fuck” is allowed
  • There are things that are worth regretting
  • If you’re using a pay phone, things aren’t going well
  • Good health is beautifully boring
  • The difference between an X-rated and R-rated movie resides on male genitalia pointing up or down

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