When times get tough, “Just Flow”, he said! … what does that mean? … Who knows. It’s hard to identify or measure it. But you know it when you experience it. I saw it several years ago through a late friend, and then ended up liking the whole notion of flowing.

I experienced one of the most interesting trips to Thailand, last month. One of my friends and fellow travelers posted a comprehensive blog about it, so I will only talk about the flowing part.

The fact is human relationships are hard no matter what, because of the dynamic between individuals being a function of time, location, and state of mind. That’s why getting along takes so much energy and consideration –which is why some people prefer not to get along. Albeit, that’s not an entirely positive phenomenon for social creatures like human beings.

And then you have floaters. Those who sit at the edge of a lot of different conversations and group of people, but never end up being fully a part of anything. They share a little bit of everything with everyone. There is either no conviction, or no doubt which is why they virtually portray high degree of tolerance for a lot of common nonsense.

On the other hand, one who flows has wide variety of interests in a lot of things. There is a high degree of genuine tolerance for curiosity and doubt. There is a profound sense of comfort for discomfort, and an essential belief in curiosity. Unlike floaters, the person who flows sits at heart of a lot of things and finds herself/himself a big part of them.

Just Flow! especially when you take a trip to Maya Bay.

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