The other day, I was supposed to meet with a friend. After thirteen emails, three text messages, and an old-fashion and obsolete form of communication called “phone-call”, we decided to postpone our 30 minutes get-together. Imagine, we even had to talk to each other to get to that point.

That made me pensive quite substantially. I felt bamboozled to be spending so much time on scheduling a get-together. So I decided to devise a formula for determining as to whether or not it’s worth meeting with someone. The formula is actually pretty simple: if scheduling a coffee get-together takes more time than the actual meeting time, well, forget about it.

The underlying problem is not so much that we have become so fucking selfish. The problem is that we have lost track of who actually fits the description of a friend worthy of trust and attention. The social networks help people friend each other. But all that means, you keep track of the remnant of your social circle besides your actual friends. Without these tools, chances are some of us would meet for a coffee on the other side. That being said, we’re all headed in the right direction of being alone together.

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