Softie’s Split Personalities

If corporations are people, they often seem to have personality and identity disorder. From the one hand they seem like an unforgiving monster, and from the other hand they look protective and respectful of their employees.

Today was my last day in the only corporation I’ve ever worked for. So many years –and countless memories. I went in as a green technology enthusiast, and left as a seasoned man with a great deal of life lessons. Above all, I learned to give.

They say the price of mistake is high when you’re in a mature stage of your career. True, but so is the cost of not knowing when it’s the time to pivot. Like many of my peers and coworkers, I can’t still believe I left the softie, but I feel good about it. It is the time to try something new while I still have it in me. I am not ready to cruise and not worry, despite the fact that a great level of comfort has been in place.

Nowadays, the softie might be at the peak of his split personalities, but he has been very gentle and sweet to me all along. His split personalities came to me in different forms of his sweetness which expressed an openness to the world, a wish to be useful, an innocence, and a guilelessness. If there is a poster child for this odd form of sweetness, it is the softie.

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