Sombodies Seeb

It’s a Tuesday, but I treated myself to a drink at exactly 5:37pm in the afternoon. It’s been exactly seven months and fourteen days that I’ve been working on a documentary I’ve named “Sombodies Seeb”. It’s now done, and I can’t wait for its opening on May 18th for a selected group friends.

What an experience! I’ve made so many friends throughout this process. I have been the lucky recipient of kindness, advice, and encouragement. The experience has made me want to do this for the rest of my life.

There are so many stories to tell, so much laughter, and of course a fair share of disappointment. Best of all, I feel like I’ve lived life during the process -without actually having a life. I worked long hours five days a week, and spent all of my time during after-work hours and weekends -stitching stuff together on this project. It was worth it. It has become the baby I’ve always wanted to have.

This 40 minutes film represents me. It’s vague, unassuming, and confused. It has too many questions and entails too many layers. It respects the intelligence of others, but also expects them to connect the facts together on their own, and understand what’s been going on. It doesn’t have patience to explain much, but it is fair in sharing the context as well as the pure facts without qualifying them. It also shares another truth about me, which I admit, it’s hard to put out there: it reveals my judgments.

I suppose, I’ve just reached that age where my brain went from “you shouldn’t probably say that” … to … “fuck it, say it and see what happens”.

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