No Work Tomorrow

The strangest feeling to bear in the ever-changing life circus remains to be the one that signals the time of parting ways with a friend. The initial feeling comes in as a hot potato stuffed with chewy doubts. You keep questioning yourself “what part did I play in this ordeal?” and sadly, you will find some of your mistakes. So you try to push yourself back into it to pay back for your own share of the blame. But at the end everything is back to square one where it seems the friendship has seen the banshee. That’s when your past comes back to you with ferocious fangs.

loud was the sound of the birds when they landed in spite of noise from the boys with the rocks in their fists

looking to bring a man down to the bottom of a thousand ton well
… one tiny push send that man into hell

he hit with a thud, there’ll be no work tomorrow
… just a funeral for a guy with time that he borrowed

3 thoughts on “No Work Tomorrow

  1. Hi! I was searching the lyrics of this song and this blog and a deleted music thread were the only links that popped up. Do you happen to know where I could listen to this song? I can’t seem to find anything else.

  2. had not ever heard this musician before and now I have a new earworm. her voice is incredible. sad to hear about the way the friend situation unfolded. seems this has been a year of many friend breakups.

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