I admire people who can comfortably deal with emotional complexity and odd settings. They are those who seem to have a perpetual smile in their eyes. They seem integrated, and their presence temporarily provides a fresh imputes to inner-peace.

Taffy is one of them. She comes around excitedly. With a calm demeanor, she demands attention. If lack of empathy in odd situations was an Olympic sports, Taffy would be accused of doping. You’re forced to believe that she is somebody closer to you than she really is.

I, on the other hand, would get eliminated in the first round of this sport. I am not emotionally thick-skinned. The dynamic of uncomfortable situations flattens me. If that’s a sign of dimness, I’m awfully dim. Though, I take comfort in the supposition that such trait makes me more patent.

Nowadays, we don’t instantly realize how many social rules we’re observing and inherently accepting. Unverified social norms, such as forced face-upkeep during uncomfortable setting, dictates a very set idea of who we are, or who we should be. The identity is often prescribed or just designed based on a series of widely advertised notions in magazines and social media. But these notions are just a construct, and when you take that construct apart as a free person you feel liberated.

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