Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Technically, San Francisco is not a valley. The city doesn’t consist of a flat and low area between mountains. No river runs through the city either. Albeit, add people to the mix, and suddenly, this beautiful city fits all aspects of a valley. The city homes many flat dolls surrounded by a few mountains of iconoclasts. For the dolls, the name of the game is indifference, which manifests itself by a false sense of confidence and lack of care.

There’s absolutely nothing confident about indifference and vanity doesn’t count for confidence either. Indifferent individuals make no choices because they can’t bear the possibility of being wrong. Failure becomes too personal of a thing that fucks with the depth of their being. These dolls stray away from this burdensome thing called life. To them, life is a game everyone is playing. In this game, if you screw once you’re already Casanova.

Lately, a friend of mine decided to back away from these transactional beings. So there is still hope beyond the valley of the dolls.

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