Google Video!

New products from Google do not create the same hype as they once did. This has been the case with Google Talk, Pack, and now Video. I always knew that kind of unreasonable hype is doomed to end all too soon and probably in disarray.
I reviewed YouTube last night. YouYune service is much more user-friendly than similar services. The channels, rating, and UI in YouTube are simple and easy to understand. The company says there is no specific business model but they already sell their service to MySpace thru an API they provide. YouTube certainly provide a better product for consumers in comparison with Google.
No doubt Google is the best search engine yet. But it seems their arrogance and bitterness are working against them. They have been the best product of Web 2.0 but they will certainly lose Web 3.0 if they don’t get their act together and innovate some serious browser-based applications.

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