DELL-Google co-branded page

Dell branded homepage on Google was released almost a week ago and it will be the default homepage for new DELL PCs and laptops. There are some talks that Google Pack will be preinstalled on new Dells before the end of the year – right beside the already installed Google desktop where they are capitalizing on the value of default.


This is similar to MSN-DELL partnership on DellNet or MSN-Bell Canada partnership on Sympatico. Technology analysts have interpreted this move as Google’s inclination towards portal. Current communication personalized page is another example of such effort.


I disagree with the notion that Google has a tendency towards portal! Google is capitalizing on its excellence in operating where capacity planning for colossal additional traffic is just a piece of cake. The development of a global backbone network by Google is yet another indication of an effort to expand bandwidth. Quite rightly so, Google is investing on platform and software that makes others successful.



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