Science and Faith

Science is a matter of repeatable evidence. Science is not the only form of knowledge. For instance, poetry is knowledge, human cravings are knowledge.

Reasoning faith says "Don’t accept everything and you have to question". One of the things you have to do in dealing with faith is to know that you don’t know all that much. If it’s god, you don’t know and if you know it’s not god. What we know about god is symbolic, it’s a matter of partial revelation, and partial knowledge. The time will come when the things we know will not worth anything … everything will disappear, the knowledge, the prophesy, the hope will all disappear and nothing will be left but love. About the only thing we can be really sure about god, is love. Faith on the other hand is the matter of trying to cope with mystery. (Garry Wills – 11/30/2006)

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