I dream of a day when everyone hugs everyone. I always loved hugging because I view it as a way of reaching out and showing that you care. Have you ever hugged a stranger? Have you seen the smile on someone’s face when you hug them?

It’s a simple and random act of kindness that can touch people and make the world a better place. Everyone seems so busy trying to be the biggest, best, and the most famous for what? The world is always trying to prove to each other who is superior. The simple act of a hug knows no barriers and the only language it speaks is love. Hugging doesn’t discriminate. Stop and give a hug this holiday season and all year long. You will see what a difference a hug makes. I’m convinced my dream will come true one day!

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams … – Eleanor Roosevelt

Hug you all,

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