A Healthy Disregard for The Impossible


How do we know when determination and persistence on a specific subject is not of use anymore? Today, I was thinking if the positive spirit of persistency is a good enough reason to keep pushing and hoping that things will come together even though nothing has been changing!

Unfortunately there are no easy answers! Sometimes while things are not where you want them to be, not everything is all that bad and there is still something there that keeps you around. In order to figure out what to do next, you should think long and hard about the things that are giving you pause. Can you get over what is bothering you when you persist on a matter -or- will it only bother you more as time goes by? In this situation, you should think about how long you are going to keep on pushing and sticking with the hope that things are going to change. Where is the line? You don’t want to be a quitter but at the same time clueless persistence to the point of inanity doesn’t seem right either!

A healthy sense of optimism is founded on the idea that one can see a reasonable progress over a sensible period of time. By creating a situation where we lose track of time but we keep hoping for change, I would argue that this will cause individuals to disregard thinking about other far-fetched ideas and issues. The net result of irrational and undying persistence is loss of creative thoughts and positive view on life.

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