A Sullen Song


Deception is not a crime! It’s more like a sullen song sung in the round without appropriate practice. It is hard even to level the charge of deception without becoming guilty of it yourself. You get involve in forgetting to practice what you preached. You break your own rules. You Conceal, you Cover Up.

Traditional families are very interesting in some aspects. On the one hand, family values, deference, and education are profoundly present. On the other hand, these families are majorly tribal with the tiniest sense of individuality and self-assessment. Respect means absolute abidance to the point of inanity and without any reasonable discourse. Loyalty stands for sightlessly sticking with your tribe members even if they hold zero right on the matter. Fairness is a concept utterly up for grabs. Judgment is what other tribe members think of you or any other issue for that matter.

In such judgmental environment, people tend to hide everything that’s assumed disapproving, and then brag that they’re better than other members of the tribe, sadly, based on the premise that no one is aware of their dirty laundry. How deceiving!!!

What about the deceived? … As any number of disheartened can testify, the arrogant and righteous have the most trouble finding forgiveness when the mistake, duly confirmed, is their own. If there is an answer to the sharp pain associated with being deceived: it is humility, forgiveness, and taking the higher road. Just admitting the possibility of weakness can be a source of strength.

A Mende proverb says "The other who tells My Story when I’m unable to speak, not only awakens my spirit and heart but also shows my humanity which others want to forget"

Big Up yourself!


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