Post-Relationship Gymnastics

I was never a huge fan of post-relationship gymnastics as I believed it’d drive all sort of behavior that’d run counter to the much required emotional stability. I used to believe that [my past experiences are arguments without ends – because premises of such arguments are impacted by my sense of self — and because the other parties are not fully there to argue against my premises]. Even worse, I always thought Ms. ex transforms so much that I have a hard time believing she is the same person! So keep the distance …

No more!

I now believe that I should be somewhat communicative post relationship! Make no mistake, I still strongly believe that all of the above are valid and I can add a few more basis if I were to get overdramatic. The change of mind however comes from ripeness and (may I say) audacity! I’m now thinking: previous lovers will morosely disappoint you either by flattering themselves or portraying that their entire life has copiously improved after the separation. But isn’t that just a silly defense mechanism? … even if these claims are true, such manner (or lack thereof) gets a single digit score in a triple digit scale of emotional intelligence.

Maintaining dislike and distance takes a lot of energy! Even worse, you become what you practice in a long run. If the heart isn’t grateful, it makes you sob since there is always this duplicity when you’re not accurate to your feelings. If not now, when? I not us, who?

"Adam ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It’s a shame we ran out of apples" …

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