Truth Paradox

Have you ever felt like life is mentally grueling on you? Sitting home whining and crying why me? Poor me! … continuing on recalling every reason that justifies: you’re the most miserable fuck in the history of mankind! You feel like you’re coming back from your own funeral!

Back in 1991 when I was a student in university of Toronto, my quantum physics professor was Mr. Richards (he insisted on being called Mr. Richards) who was from Scotland. I loved his accent when I understood what the hell he was saying. I specially loved the way he would pronounce Time as "Tame" and at times asking "Whaar’s yer boke?". He looked like a concerned fox who dressed for Star Wars convention. One day and in the middle of the semester, he expanded on twin paradox, in which a person who makes a journey into space in a high-speed rocket will return home to find they have aged less than an identical twin brother who stayed on Earth. This experiment has been verified and is confirmed by many inventions around us.

On that day and after the twin paradox class, I stopped Mr. Richard in the hallway and impishly asked "Mr. Richards, which one of the two brothers is lying?". He replied "Neither, they’re both correct in their own perspective". I continued by saying "it can’t be, we know what the facts are and we know the measurements. "Oh yeah!?" he replied and continued "That’s your perspective Kaam, and welcome to the world of many true and accurate perspectives, you young man". He then judiciously turned around and walked away thru the long hallway while was still staring straight thru my eyes and shaking his head that looked like a half crushed watermelon.

Now and after nearly sixteen years, I’m forced to remember that lesson every day. The truth is, we are unsure about the truth. Facts are subjective and depend on interpretation and perspective.

Miserable days come and go! The truth of the matter, if exists, always lies somewhere in the middle of the mess. A few things are for sure though, never believe in someone who talks about Life more than Love! Never listen to anyone who doesn’t believe in truth paradox. Never trust anyone who presses on utter bliss.

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