Cinema Paradiso

I don’t watch entertaining movies or shows. I have never watched Star Wars, or even one Episode of Seinfield which is not to say that they can’t be entertaining. I’ve come to the conclusion that what’s valuable for me is to set standards for what I choose to watch, not to just watch any popular film. Such choice is not an end point, it is a beginning point which decries the idea that entertainment is all there is in movies.

Movies could work as a form of entertainment, but fundamentally they don’t. Because they sufficiently conform to the "pop culture", a trend I’ve strongly and passionately detested for such long time.

That being said, let me suggest some movies that provide a better idea as to what my point is:

– Smoking Aces, by: Joe Carnahan
– A Good Year, by: Ridley Scott
– Men at Work, by: Mani Haghighi
– Youth without Youth, by: Francis Ford Coppola
– Married Life, by: Ira Sacks
– Dancing with Shiva, by: Jonathan Demme
– When Did You Last See Your Father, by: Anand Tucker
– The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, by: Julian Schnabel
– The Witnesses, by: Andre Techine

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