Chronic Mistakes


There are so many favorable ways to learn lessons from your efforts in life, repeated mistakes is not one of them. Serial mistakes leave me finding that few things are more depressing and exasperating than making the same mistake, again. The fact is that we all love to repeat our mistakes – not because there is any doubt that the suggestion seems risky, but because one tends to "hope" that he will do it right the next time around.


The dynamic nature of human synergy provides a slippery setting, where the same mistakes are made without any awareness of the occurrence along the way. Characters swap, faces switch, and the tones of the language fiddle with what happens to make you feel cherished. Outside of the magical fairy tale land however, it is the same quagmire. People come around for certain things, and they apply different strategies to acquire them. Sadly, it is tantalizingly close to the end when you confront with the reality: you’ve made yet one more wrong judgment of the character and ability of another person.


Media shoves "hope" down our throats as a survival mechanism, or as a revolutionary idea to depression. But the fact of the matter is that no progress is made without pain. True, some mistakes worth making … but, it’s also true that prevention is better than correction. For me, chronic mistakes are an outdated idea. The unpredictable and dynamic nature of human interactions are no longer an excuse for my lack of diligence.

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