You, Me, and a Beer


It’s been a long time since my last posting. Generally, I write because writing allows me to be relentless. Through the process of writing, I can accurately unravel things and put them back together. That’s a hazardous exercise. Like any other creative process, writing could be fragile because you’re always at the edge – trying to constantly reassess the danger-free zone. In that context, first hand experimentation of the things we write about, could be destructive in real life – because mystery could simply become confusion.

The fact is, I started posting my writings on this blog because I wanted some people to read them. In a mischievous way, I have been hoping that some people would read my postings more than others. Because, there has always been a real story behind everything I wrote. Except, I’ve been unfailingly faithful to "the code" of not mentioning names. Because, the discussion should always be about the problem and not about the people. Last weekend, I had a come-to-Jesus moment with myself. I thought I can’t stop writing just because it takes a long time and great deal of energy to abstract problems away from people …

… every good idea starts like a boutique. You do your thing in the corner, and you get noticed after a while. And then, the attention becomes a problem either by the virtue of perception, or by the state of preference. I know my writing style could be perceived as if I critique a great deal. But read my postings as if: it is just you, me, and a beer …

2 thoughts on “You, Me, and a Beer

  1. As a long time reader, I would say it would be a shame for you to stop writing whatever the reason. But I can’t disagree with the beer angle either. Keep them coming 😀

  2. I don’t even drink but from now on I will indeed read them this way.  I JUST LOVE your postings, I’ve told you this a thousand times.  If you ever stop writing I myself will never post any again and usually on Monday evenings, I’m just ACHING to blab nonsense about something.  But seriously, your blogs are awesome, Kamran.  You have a gift.  They are inspiring, there’s a lot of substance, they make you think and feel.  Keep up the good stuff 🙂

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