Purple Beaches

The weather and the confluence of some events have made me focus on significance of several insignificant trends. Some individuals never fail to fascinate me, especially when it comes to their choices in social settings.

At times, people make choices in order to be perceived in certain way by design. But there are times when they just want to be comfortable, so the driving force behind the choice is their contentment. I, personally, find the former funnier than the latter – when things go wrong.

Either way, this is how I perceive you if you act in certain way:


  • Red Drinks – make you look like a guy who got divorced recently, and suddenly wants to socialize and look cool
  • White pants – make you look like captain Kirk when encountering future Starfleet officers
  • Sandals with Socks – it screams “Dork” and it makes you look like an Italian bus driver in Perugia. What I don’t get, though, is the point of wearing sandals is mainly to expose your feet to the fresh air. Don’t socks kind of defeat that purpose? If it’s too cold for bare skin, why the heck are you wearing sandals?
  • The Croc – it makes your foot look like a plastic hoof. How can anyone take a Croc-wearing man seriously?
  • Yellow Cars – make you look like the owner of a strip club called Purple Beaches
  • Cell Phone on a belt clip – Nothing says “Jackass” quite as well
  • Bicycle Shorts – let’s face it; unless you’re on a bicycle side-by-side with Lance Armstrong, there is no reason to ever wear bicycle shorts
  • Wife-beaters: If you want to dress as if you never got out of bed, just stay in bed

Be more amazed!


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