Blue Valentine

I saw Blue Valentine, the movie, last night. It is pretty moving, and leaves you thinking for hours if not days. It reminds you of those moments of inner-defeat and profound sense of failure. It very well expresses not knowing what went wrong, why, and how a relationship gets to a point where everything becomes an unrequited question.

 The movie is not prescriptive. The acting is unbelievably real. There are no answers, you see the beginning of a relationship, witness parts of its progress, and you see the end not knowing what happened. Fill the gaps.

The man is a goofy and likeable romantic. The woman is ambitious and bitter out of her unfulfilled hopes for the future she had once planned. For the most part, the movie is an unsolicited greeting from the dark side of life but it truly touches everyone’s heart in that it reminds us of the fragility of relationships.

The story of Blue Valentine is frighteningly realistic in that it shows how fatal fractures can begin to sneak in within a relationship.

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