Your Ass is not a Billboard

The first time I wrote something about bad habits of our daily style, my blog posting ignited a revolt amongst my close friends. So I stayed quiet on that subject for three years until now. I’ve seen enough and I can’t take it anymore -so here is some style faux pas you need to be cognizant of:

  • Don’t wear sweatpants at work. Your office is not a gym.
  • When you wear sunglasses, the bigger the shades the more badass you look. So if you want to look nice and classy, size down the shades.
  • No backpacks if you’re over 30. Backpacks are for school boys. A backpack is convenient but it’s so out of character for a 30+ years old.
  • If you invite a few friends over and make a homemade meal, don’t use paper plates and plastic cups. That screams you’re either lazy, or cheap, or maybe both.
  • A tie should be skinny with a small knot. Thick ties with fat knots are for Tony Soprano.
  • A suit looks great with no cuffs. Deep cuffs are ok only when your pants are shorter and you’re wearing them on a beach.
  • No shoulder pads on suits. It’s 2011 after all.
  • While having dinner, put the cellphone aside. Making love to your cellphone in moments that are meant for face-to-face interaction merely shows you’re suffering from SAS.
  • If you wear black jeans, the stiches should be as black as the denim. Otherwise your pants look like the revolutionary road.
  • Keep your jean’s back pocket plain. Your ass is not a billboard.

 … and at the end, there is always something to be said about hand-made shoes that match a sharp-looking suit: thank you Paul Smith!

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