The Hype Cycle

In the past couple of weeks, I read a few really interesting articles that left me with some great teachings. Here they are:

The price of having too many convictions hides in losing connection with others. The price of being too connected is not having any conviction or principle. The best place resides in the balance between the two.

“The Hype Cycle says that a technology goes through a predictable series of stages on its way to mainstream adoption. In the first stage, Technology Trigger, a technology is introduced. The media or tech blogosphere picks up the stories on early proofs of concept and demonstrations. This sets the stage for a rising tide of excitement until the technology reaches the Peak of Inflated Expectations, where it seems widely expected to beat sliced bread, cure cancer and eliminate all human suffering, sometimes all at once. Some companies jump into the game, but soon there are widespread failures as the technology fails to meet lofty expectations. And so begins the Trough of Disillusionment, a point at which companies fail or merge, and the technology can only survive if it meets the needs of early adopters. If it does not die, the technology reaches the Slope of Enlightenment and the Plateau of Productivity, as it matures and realistic applications of the technology emerge, along with viable business models.”

Two elements are critical for ensuring the success of any complex problem-solving. First, the people involved must agree on the problem they wish to solve. Second, they must agree on the process for solving it.

The main problem with online dating is the expectation-gap. Your logical assessment of someone’s profile creates an expectation. When you meet the person, your emotions don’t map to the already-existing logical expectations -which consequently leads to disappointment.

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