Solo Dwellers

One of the subjects that has been at the top of my list of issues-to-think-about, continues to be parenthood. I don’t have a clue how it might feel to be a parent, but I can form a logical perception as to what’s involved in parenthood -as I’ve been observing a lot of parents including my own.

On the one hand, children go through a cagey phase with their parents while growing up. By cagey I don’t necessarily mean deceptive (though that could be the case too), I mean guarded, incremental, clever to maneuver one’s vulnerabilities. They balances positions to mollify opposition forces of the outside world, and surely, the unknown.

On the other hand, parents don’t fundamentally change personalities while raising children. However, different aspects of their character raise at different times. The first few years are the protective phase, helping the children with the basic natural functions all at once. But then comes the supportive phase, where parents let children do things on their own, grow up, and learn about the wonders of the outside world.

Nowadays, there is no doubt that the number of solo-dwellers is increasing. There are many academic or speculative discussions as to why that’s the case, but no one argues that that’s the case. I think one of the main reasons for people going solo relies on our inability to hold a human relationship together. Human beings need each other less and less every day, and sadly, the gap between mutual expectations and fulfillments widen.

Parents keep giving without asking for much in return. We can argue around some exceptions here and there, but the trend still stands to support the claim. I strongly believe the relationship between parents and their children and the one-way flow of love and care haven’t been impacted as much as other forms of relationships in transforming societies. And, that’s something to look forward to and desire.

I think I just said it. Yes, I’d love to be a father one day.

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